Friday, April 15, 2005

Skiprat FM - 'Cast 01 15th April 05

changed the name from cheesecast uk to Skiprat FM
due to bandwidth problems the podcast is now released as 2 30 minute chunks

Static infopage can be found at

valley - nothing left but memories (couldnt find a website)
hobo exile hotel- bigtime website
electronicat - flesh + accesories website
sambassadeur - read between the lines website
south ambulance - die 5 x 5 labrador recs
we are wolves - la nature website
the circle - keep on crawling website
stef bellavia - fuckin' sound like (hobo's site)
mobius band - starts off with a bang website
citizen bird - joy website
lowdrive - show me myself website
album - talvez
datatch'i - memorandum (mogwai remix) website
yo la tengo - little eyes website
stef bellavia - last stop acoustic (hobo's site)

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

cheesecast 01 14-april-05

so here are all the tracks I played on tonights show with weblinks

hobo exile hotel - last stop website
jesus deluxe - come back again website
the glass - tell me its snowing website
the cars are the stars - helikopter website
el ten eleven - connie website
the fray - where to go website
four kings - oblivion website
ezee tiger - fanta es pontino kimosciotic records
t23 - nothing is real website
low - monkey sub-pop
the gossip - sweet baby kill rock stars
hobo exile hotel - the way that you were (live)

send mp3's for consideration to

Cheesecast UK : New Podcast coming soon

basically after messing about trying to do something with this blog for a while.. i came accross the wonder that is podcasting..

for anyone who doesnt know what podcasting is should tell you all you need to know.

once you know about podcasting. and you have ipodder (or any other podcast receiver of your choice) point it at

a permanent info page for Cheesecast UK can be found at

hope you all tune in.. send me mp3's etc to

Monday, December 27, 2004

Coming Back soon

The Cheeseboard will be back soon.. I promise.

basically since i last wrote. ive moved town, changed from windows to linux, and had xmas etc to deal with.. but i will be posting properly again soon.. i managed to blag a small amount of server space so things might actually start looking and sounding the way i want them to on this blog..


Wednesday, October 27, 2004

John Peel RIP

I was too shocked to post yesterday when I heard, there is a huge hole in my musical background now, And a huge hole in my radio listening schedule. there is no replacement. the sheer volume of things that i would never have heard if it werent for john's nightly two hour show. there is nothing quite like it. during those 2 hours you would hear 1920's jazz shoehorned in with hardcore & techno, experimental electronica, rock, punk and extreme metal. there will be noone else with the musical vision in the position that john held. radio one has lost its biggest asset.

Thursday, October 14, 2004

Film school dropout

N.Lannon - Nature Of Things

San francisco's nyles lannon used to (or still does, im not sure of that one. maybe you people can help) play guitar in local psych indie rockers Film School i came across his solo project as n.ln a year ago or so. he manages to create a beatiful hybrid of electronica and folky indiepop that, to me is pure sonic delerium.

he has recently released a new album "Chemical friends" on badman records where nature of things is taken from.

a quick look through his biog suggest influences from the folky (simon&garfunkel) the psychedelic (pink Floyd) and early electropop (Numan et al) as well as newer electronica such as the wonderful boards of canada and fenezs.

anyway, i dont think there is much more i can say that his music cant say for itself. so go to and find out.

click here to buy Chemical friends from amazon

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Thrift store superstars

The Bran Flakes - The Magical Fairy Princess

Seattles the bran flakes come across (to these ears anyway) as the missing link between Lemon jelly & The Avalanches. Thrift store cheap beats and grooves, old comercials, and instructional audio simmering in a magical sampledelic stew. I really, really, really like this and i think you will too.

go to their website at where you can find loads more audio and info about these musical freaks of nature.

click here to order bran flakes albums from amazon


T23 update

Tripleicious 23's new album is now named "When the going gets weird..." and they are having an album launch at londons borderline venue, off charing cross road on the 6th november.

also at the bands request the links to audio files are no longer accessible from this site. you have to visit their website at

all the audio files can be downloaded from their site

see you at the borderline

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

all change

new look, new name... doesnt make a difference if nobody reads the fucker does it..

come on you people.. prove yr out there and leave yr comments